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Here are some of the youngsters from our 2007 and 2008  foal crops.  We have a large number of blue roans.  If you'd like to get a good deal on really nice horse, buy it young and raise it yourself and you'll not only have the joy of watching your youngster grow and develop, you'll save yourself some money.  We like to sell weanlings and yearlings and offer good price incentives for those interested in raising a horse themselves.  With a variety to choose from, we're pretty sure we've got something for everyone!  Prices for most untrained horses range from $800 to $1500 and we'll entertain any reasonable offer.  Most of these pictures are from 2008 so these guys have grown a little.  If you want pictures of specific horses, drop us an e-mail and we'll get them out as quick as we can.  Come visit the ranch and take a look. or call or e-mail for prices and details. 

(Special consideration for 4-H students.)

Hickory Scamp Candoo is an April 2007 colt out of Doco Hickory Miss by Freckles CandooHickory has always produced some of our best looking foals (she has an awesome pedigree which probably explains why).  "Scamp" has a lot of style and presence, and a flashy blaze to balance his hind baseball sox.  He's confident, friendly and sharp as a whip.  This is another one of those Freckles colts that really captures people's attention.  He's definitely a favorite and has a sweet personality to boot. May 2008 blue roan colt out of Sheeza Freckle Too by Hancocks Blue Olena.  Here is yet another colt born black that blued by the end of summer.  Sable crosses well on Blue and always produces either a blue or a black foal for us.   Sable's foals always train up well and are popular with buyers. 


 PocoDocVoodoo Candoo is a May 2007 black gelding out of Son of Doc Miss Poco by Freckles Candoo.  He's coming along nicely and has his sire's sweet temperament and willing disposition. 

Billy the Kid Candoo is a May 2007 bay gelding out of Billy Lu Owee by Freckles CandooThis colt is handsome and strong and has a sweet personality.  He's a very dark bay with flashy white sox, a pretty head, and soft and sensible eyes.  This guy's an eye-catcher--which is due as much to his outstanding conformation as his poise and personality.  Everyone that sees this boy falls in love with him.
May 2008 blue roan colt out of Freckles Magic Smoke by Hancocks Blue Olena.  Smoke always comes through for us with nice flashy babies and she likes to bring them into the world with a pair of hind sox--as though they hit the ground ready to go to work.  This colt is going to be a real head-turner and probably as cowy as his siblings.  I'm guessing this guy will have some serious cutting potential.   


Pistolena Candoo is an April 2007 sorrel gelding out of Lenas Porcelain Doll and Freckles Candoo This is a very friendly boy with a deep chest, big hip and pretty head.  With Doc O'Lena breeding top and bottom he should have plenty of cowy instincts.  We like this colt's disposition and curiosity. 
Candoo Freckles Jay is an April 2007 sorrel filly out of Aye Jay Freckles by Freckles CandooThis is a nicely muscled, friendly foal with a lot of class.  Her siblings (Docs Jewel Candoo and Freckles Doc Candoo) are pictured on the  Horses for Sale page).  This filly has a little roaning and a very independent streak. May 2008 blue roan filly out of Babes Freckled Poco by Hancocks Blue Olena.  This is one of the few fillies we had this year and she's a real head-turner.  She's solid blue with only a tiny white band on her left hind coronet.  Babes Freckled Poco always makes pretty-headed babies with sweet dispositions and great conformation.  This filly should easily reach 15 hands given the size of her sire and dam.

April 2008 red roan colt out of Peppys Two Cute by Hancocks Blue Olena.  This colt was only two days old when he was whisked off with his dam to Fourth Grade Days in Irvine Flats this spring.  He was named "Jester" by the school children because he had such a distinctive personality.  He's friendly, sweet, curious and full of himself, and is going to make an awesome saddle horse once he starts training next year.  For now, he just has weaning and halter breaking to look forward to, and we're looking forward to getting to know this little guy a little better. 


April 2008 blue roan colt out of Munez Nite Lynx by Hancocks Blue Olena.  This is one of those colts that we thought was going to be black but turned blue by the end of summer.  Lynx always makes nice babies and we're looking forward to learning more about this fancy boy come weaning time.


April 2008 buckskin colt out of Lenas Porcelain Doll by Hancocks Blue Olena.  This foal looked like a grullo when it was born, but once it shed its foal colt, it turned  a light buttermilk buckskin with tall black sox and distinctive points.  This is a fancy colt and, with  all that Doc Olena breeding, he should have a bright future working cows.  Keep an eye on this one.  You won't be disappointed!

June 2008 buckskin colt out of Double C Dusty Lou by Hancocks Blue Olena.  This is a fancy buckskin colt out of a really nice mare.  His sister, Dusty Fritz Candoo, is shown above.  Both of these buckskins have nice muscling, pretty heads and a lot of potential. 



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